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Reverend C. Fauntroy is a spiritual ordained minister, lecturer, visionary, entrepreneur, political and civil rights activist who serves a motivational speaker. He is experience and effective as a consultant on organizing campaigns for acquiring and securing people’s rights.

Reverend C. Fauntroy is an ordained minister and man of God. He was born and raised in Washington, DC where he attended Dunbar High School and Federal City College.  Former U.S. Representative Rev. Dr Walter E. Fauntroy his brother, church, community and family guidance and leadership mentored Ray. He gained experience and committed himself to a lifetime of working for freedom and human rights for African Americans.

Civil Rights Leader

Reverend Fauntroy is the former executive Secretary of the Miami branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); former President of the Miami Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Council (S.C.L.C.); 1979-1998 and former President of the State of Florida S.C.L.C. organization.

S.C.L.C. was founded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and a host of African American ministers.  Ray, through his committed work ethic and good character, became such a trusted young “soldier” in the Civil Rights Movement that he was assigned to be one of Dr. King’s drivers whenever the iconic leader was in the Washington, DC area.

Holistic Consultant

As a person who believes in Holistic Living, he became a Trained Herbalist, and is the Founder and Principal Consultant of the Eden Village Health Network.  His herbal health system practitioners, among other holistic themes, teach body detoxification and to the dietary laws as propounded in the Bible. Eden Village makes available healing herbs, air and water purifiers, and an authentic line of male and female African clothing, fabrics and materials.

Reverend Fauntroy moved from Washington, DC to Miami, FL in the late 1970’s. He relied on the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and his own experiences with S.C.L.C., he stood for the rights of African American and other immigrants.